Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long will my stay be?
A. You will be with us for 2-4 hours depending on your procedure and doctor. You have to be kept for a minimum of one hour after the procedure to wake up from the sedation and ensure that you are safe to go home.

Q2. Do I need to bring anything?
A. If you are having a colonoscopy it is nice if you bring your own dressing gown otherwise you only need to bring Health fund and medicare cards and of course payment.

Q3. When can I go back to work?
A. Because of having sedation you must not drive until the next day or do anything where you need to concentrate. You may return to work the next day.

Q4. How long does the bowel prep take to work?
A. Everyone is different in the time it takes to take effect. If you suffer with constipation it may take a bit longer. It is very important to continue to drink clear fluids through out the day as this helps in clearing the bowel. You are supposed to have diarrhoea! We are aiming for a totally clear bowel so a clear return is what we are looking for.

Q5. What are clear fluids?
A. Examples of clear fluids are clear apple juice, chicken and/or beef broth or bouillon, lemon-lime soda, lemonade, sports drink, and water.

Q6. What is a low fibre diet?
A. This low fibre diet will still contain small amounts of fibre, but will avoid foods high in fibre such as: certain fruit, vegetables and wholemeal cereals.

Q7. When will I get my results?
A. You will get your results on the day; if any pathology has been taken the results will take several days so you will need to either come back or see your GP for the results.

Q8. When can I drive?
A. You are not permitted to drive for a minimum of 12hours. The anaesthetist will tell you before you are discharged if you require more than 12hrs.

Q9.  I need a Medical Certificate for my job, and my partner needs a Carers Leave Certificate?
A. Please inform clerical or nursing staff of this, your doctor will provide you with the certificate.